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Estar lleno(a) de mierda  Unknown
Insult  � Literally when the verb estar is conjugated, it means to be full of shit. Example. Estas lleno(a) de mierda- you are full of shit.


Fachar  (verb)
to fuck a woman "Esta buena, yo me la facho"  � used in Venezuela


Fajar  sin
as in me voy a fajar a esa tia.  � to fuck, to have sex with a chic


falo  (noun, masc.)
penis  �  


fanoso  noun,mas.singular
a tern refering to someone who is unpleasant and is not liked   � the dirt that accumulates arond the tip of the penis when bad heigene is practiced


Farolijarte el pimpelonio  verb
Ok, me voy ya! Tengo que hirme pa la casa para farolijarme el pimpelonio que lo tengo parado!  � Stroke ones dick for lack of sexual actvities in ones social life (yes this means you, you fucking looser)


Feria  noun
Money  � This means money


Filete De Bacalao   cubanisim
Esa puta esta buenisima. Pero tiene tremendo peste de bollo. Para la pinga! Me voy a comer tremendo filete de bacalao esta noche   � When a girl looks incredible, but her pussy smells like a trash bin behind a fish market. You eat it anyways because she simply looks that good. Filete de bacalao


COOL;TIGHT;AWSOME  � THIS WORD IS USALLY USED AS A SLANG WORD IN SPANISH MEANING COOL.(That truck looks firme) Check out those firme hynas!


firme rolas  noun, fem. plural
good music  � This word describes a hard song


to cruise,to walk the streets  � verb used in Cuba to describe what streetwalkers do. Example: Maria esta fleteando por las calles hoy, Translation: Mary is cruising the streets today.


flogera  fem
Yo soy flogera
  � Mura


Fluchi  Noun (masc.)
Male homosexual or visibly effeminate man. Does not apply to trans folk.  � Almost archaic tex-mex/calo expression, I have only heard it in Texas and NM.


follacabras  noun, masc. singular
1- zoofilic, the one who fucks with goats
2- unhappy or guy with no social position
  � This tearm litelally means person who fucks with goats and this is self-explanatory. It might be used to designate the worst kind of guy with no social position also (used in Spain)


follar  fuck
follar  � litelament means follar


follar  (verb, trans. and intrans.)
to fuck  �  


foquin  (adj.)
fucking  � This is a Puerto Rican parroting of the English "fucking." It is pronounced "FOH-kin"


freebasing   freebasing cocaine
I am not in the business of freebasing cocaine   � drug taking


fregar  verb
fuck  � to have sex, fuck (Mexican slang), for Cubans it means to wash dishes.


fresa or fresca  noun
A Mexican-American girl who dresses and acts preppy, rich, and stuck up. Literal translation fresh berry or strawberry.  � Hola chica fresa, puedo insertar mi pipa en las nalgas? Hey cute girl, may I place my cock (pipe) in your ass?


Fuchi  adverb
smell or distaste  � This word literally means of poor odor or dislike in a grotesque fashion.


funda  adjective, single
whore  � This usually means someone who likes to slut around with a bunch of guys.


fundillo  noun, mas. singular
Cunt  � Used in Nicaragua.


fundio  noun, masculine singular (fundios-masculin plural)
Anus or butthole; sometimes underwear.  � Change your fundios, they're dirty!


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