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Mr. Gabe's Spanish Slang Dictionary

Spanish Slang Words and Phrases: 783

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Neta  interjection
Really?! or For real?!  � Neta guey?! No manches...


˝ia  verb
like saying shut up...  � ˝iaaaa way no mames!


Nico/Nica  Noun
Means a person from Nicaragua.  � Used in Costa Rica.


nido  (noun, masc.)
cunt  � (lit) nest or hiding place; (Mexican slang)


nigger  noun
racial slur  � black person


ninfo  (noun, masc.)
homosexual  � Its equivalent in English is "faggot". Literally, this means "male nymph". (Mexican and Guat. Spanish)


Nino  Noun
godfather  � I call my unlce nino


No eres cuchillo o machete eres punal  Declation
Your gay  � Your niether a female(cuchillo) or male(machete)your in between(punal) means your gay.


no jala  phrase
It doesn't work, or it's worthless.  � Jala comes from the corruption of the verb trabaja when spoken quickly.


no mames  Noun
no mames guey! Don't exaggerate  � This term literally means Do not suck


no mames  (interjection)
You're shittin' me.  � Literally translated, Don't suck me. (From the verb, mamar, to suck) Used very casually among Mexicans, especially the males. Pronounced no MAH-mace


no mames guey!  verb
used amongst your friends, ppls you are close too  � Multiple uses for this common phrase. Litterally means "Donĺt suck you oxen" Pronounced "No maa mez way" - when someone is acting stupid or complaining this is a good phrase to use. A Guey is that animal that some people put photos on the side of their pick-up truck (although, I have not seen this in many years.


no mames tu pito  expression
no mames tu pito guey.  � mexican for don't get uptight


no manches  command
you're joking, don't fuck around  � used by fresas (rich mexicans) in DF. literally don't stain (as in cum stains, I guess)


No me haces wey  saying
Among friends. Would not be spoken to a stranger by a pinche gabacho such as myself unless I had buen confianza con alguien, like a roommate, girlfriend or work buddy.  � This means, roughly, don't mess with me by telling me nonsense.

California and Oregon Mexican Spanish, but I'd bet they'd understand me in Puerto Vallarta even if they gave me a stern warning after.


No sobeis  Expression
In Mexico   � Same as No mames Meaning lying bastard


no te trileyes  Phrase
No te trileyes  � don't trip, don't hi side


no tiene los juevos  noun
no tiene los cahones  � tesicles


Novia  noun
girlfriend  � Caterina is my novia


obraderas  (noun, fem., plural)
diarrhea or "the runs"  � It is derived from obrar


obrar  (verb, trans.)
to defecate  � Also means "to perform" or "to build".


obstaculos  (noun, masc., plural)
testicles  � It is pronounced "ob-STAH-cu-los". (Mexican slang)


Obvio microbio  Noun
Obviously  � To say something is obvios literaly it means obvios germ ussually used in Mexico city


ocho ochenta!  (phrase)
I do not care what you say!  � This is equivalent to a nonsense phrase, such as "Blah, blah, blah!" or "Duh!" Literally it means "eight-eighty". (Mexican slang)


odele  odele homes
whats up  � whats up


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