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Mulata  verb
Half-Breeed  �  


muneca  noun
sissy doll  � This term refers to someone being a pansy. (Mexican Slang)


murfiel  noun
devil/sin  � This term means in the arms of satan/sin.


MYATE  noun
Estan mucho myates en california!  � Another name for Black people, colored people.


nabo  (noun, masc.)
turnip (literally), penis (fig.)  �  


naco  noun, masculine
geek  � que naco eres


naco/naca  noun,not well educated
When a person act with no class   � people that are grown somewhere with no good language


nadar  verb
swing  � fooling around in the water


nalga de angel  (phrase)
marijuana  � (lit) "a buttock of an angel"; (Mexican slang)


nalgona  noun
girls  � girl


nalgona  nalgona
big butt  � like saying big booty


Nel  adverb
means nope,no,no way.  � Vas a ir con ella? Nel, guey.


cock, specifically the glans penis  � noun used in Santo Domingo in phrases such as "maca˝ema" (from "mascar": to chew) meaning cocksucker.


Đero  Noun, adj.
Body, dude  � This word is used between friends. Each member of a group can call each other ˝eros (friends): He's my body.

Clay y Stan son mis ˝eros - Clay and Stan are my bodies


neta  neta absoluta
filosofia  � filosofia


Neta  interjection
Really?! or For real?!  � Neta guey?! No manches...


˝ia  verb
like saying shut up...  � ˝iaaaa way no mames!


Nico/Nica  Noun
Means a person from Nicaragua.  � Used in Costa Rica.


nido  (noun, masc.)
cunt  � (lit) nest or hiding place; (Mexican slang)


nigger  noun
racial slur  � black person


ninfo  (noun, masc.)
homosexual  � Its equivalent in English is "faggot". Literally, this means "male nymph". (Mexican and Guat. Spanish)


Nino  Noun
godfather  � I call my unlce nino


No eres cuchillo o machete eres punal  Declation
Your gay  � Your niether a female(cuchillo) or male(machete)your in between(punal) means your gay.


no jala  phrase
It doesn't work, or it's worthless.  � Jala comes from the corruption of the verb trabaja when spoken quickly.


no mames  (interjection)
You're shittin' me.  � Literally translated, Don't suck me. (From the verb, mamar, to suck) Used very casually among Mexicans, especially the males. Pronounced no MAH-mace


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