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penche placas  noun
Penche  � fucking white guy


(Las) desas otras  Noun (fem pl.)
Discreet, non vulgar way of referring to lesbians. Literally, 'the other ones'. Older expression from more genteel times.  � Another texmex expression, esp in San Antonio and the Valley. Not used much anymore.


¿ Estes chon?  noun


a fuego  adjetive
on Fire (Lit)  � Really cool, when something is off the hook.


a ti no te parieron, te cagaron  (repulsive phrase)
repulsive phrase used to indicate you are really angry with someone, equivalents of this are motherfucker, bastard or despicable person
  � Literally means you were not born, u were shitten... Think it's self-explanatory. It is a RUDE phrase


a viente!  (interjection)
back at you!  � This is a very useful and common comeback used when someone is insulting your "madre"; see also "madre". It is basically a nonsense phrase that sames "same to you!" (Mexican slang).


aaa hijo puta de mierda capullo gilipollas imbecil  cacho cabron
Just about as insulting as you can get.  � The actual meaning is closer to 'son of a shitty whore dickhead dumbass idiot fucking cuckold'


Abadesa  (noun, fem.)
pimp  � This term refers to a female or male pimp. Its other meaning is "head of the house". It is pronounced "ah-bah-DE-sa". (Mexican slang).


Acabar  (verb)
to ejaculate or, more general to have an orgasm  � Used in Argentina. Literally it means to finish. Ohhh, estoy por acabar !! meaning Ohhh, I'm going to have an orgasm !!. It's obvious when it's used.


acostarse con rosemaria  (phrase)
to smoke marijuana  � Literally...."to go to bed with rosemary" (in reference to the herb). (Mexican slang)


aduana  (noun, fem.)
whorehouse  � Also means "customs station". (Mexican slang)


agarraderas  (noun, fem., plural.)
tits  � This term is derived from agarrar. Thus, this actually means "things to grab". (Mexican slang)


agilipollao  (adj)
stupid, fool  � In Spain. Derived from gilipollas. Ex. Estas agilipollao


aguacates  (noun, masc.,plural)
testicles  � (lit) avocados; (Mexican slang)


aguas aguas  expression
water  � watch out, hurry up, heads on, etc.


aguayon torneado  (noun, masc.)(adj., masc.)
testicles  � (Mexican slang)


aguebado  noun
idiot  � ese tipo va manejando como un aguebado/idiota.


agues  noun

  � Do not know


ahua  verb
ahua  � way to go


Ahuevado  noun, masc. singular
a man who allows another man to have sex with his woman and doesn't do anything about it.  � Used in Panama.


Aki  Cuban
To a man  � Greeting


albondigas  (noun, fem., plural)
testicles  � This term literally means "meatballs" or "fishballs". It is pronounced "al-BONE-dee-gaas". (Mexican slang).


alcahuete  noun
pimp  � Mexican slang for pimp, also found in European Spanish


alcahuete  adj, masculine, singular
snitch  � Snitch Used in Argentina. Juan es un alcahuete! John is a snitch!


alegrías  noun, fem. plural
testicles  � This term literally means balls or testicles. It is pronounced ah-leh-GREE-ahs. (lit.: happiness)


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