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scenariachi  noun, masculine
A situation involving one or more Mexicans  � Used primarily in California's Silicon Valley. Un malo scenariachi, gangfight.


se cabo  verb
slang  � slang


Seguidilla  noun,fem,singular
The inability to stop oneself from excessively indulging on a particular food form. (Dominican Slang)  � Ese bizcocho me da seguidilla..Translation: I can't stop eating that cake.


seguidillas  (noun, fem., plural)
diarrhea or "the runs"  � (Mexican slang)


Semilla  noun
Clitoris  � Mamame la semilla (lick my clit) or -le voy a sobar la semilla (im gonna rub her clit)


ser mas puta que las gallinas   
to be horny as they make 'em,to be very promiscuous  � Cuban usage. Ex: Maria es mas puta que las gallinas. Translation: Mary is as horny as they make 'em.


Siete Cuatro  noun
Negative or No  � most comonly used when disagreeing about something or something sucks... see-eh-teh-qua-trow (Mexican slang)


simon  used when asked a question that can be answered ye
chicanoc/mexican slang  � you coming with us?...simon


simon  verb
slang  � yes


simon  adverb
no  � Dame un dimo. Give me a dime.


sin cojones me tiene  i dont give a shit
me importa tres punetas  � its like sayin i dont give a fuck or i couldnt care less ...puerto rico


singar  verb
singar is to fuck, have sex   � vamos a singar (lets have sex)Dominican slang.


singar de mira quien viene   
to fuck doggy-style  � Cuban usage. Ex: A Maria le gusta singar de mira quien viene. Translation: Mary likes to fuck doggy-style.


sipote  noun
a child, most commonly a teenager  � pronounced see-poh-teeh


sister  noun
at home  � some related to you


smokey  Noun
Used as a nick name  � Smokey, get back here.


sobo; sobarsela (sobarse la picha)   
to masturbate  � Costa Rica


Ugly, monster, monstrous monster, ugly monstrous monster  � This word can be written as 'Sofia' or 'sofia', with no change of meaning. It comes from Greek and means 'the ugliest son of God' or 'how can ya be so f***ing ugly, mate?'. It's found in Reus (Spain) and other parts of Tarragones province.




soltura  (noun, fem.)
diarrhea  � (lit) "looseness" or "freedom". It is quite an insult to call someone "soltura" in Mexico. (Mexican slang)


sombrero de Panama  (phrase)
condom  � (lit) Panama's hat; (Mexican slang)


sopladores  (noun, masc., plural)
testicles  � (Mexican slang)


soplapollas  noun, masc
cock-sucker, jerk, idiot, (gilipollas)...  � in the worst significate, person (man or woman) who sucks the cock of another.


SUBE/SUBES  adjecitve(i think)
They use it in various parts of mexico...they use it to say as we would say here:COOL, TIGHT, RUFF  � It literally means to lower or get low... but ghetto mexicans and chicanos use it as a way 2 say cool...ect...


subir al guayabo  (phrase)
to have sex  � (lit) "to go up to the jelly"; (Mexican slang)


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